Prepare yourself for the Arctic Spring


Warm sun and people wearing t-shirts. Ice cream on a bench in the city centre. It’s not summer yet, but everybody’s excited.

March equinox brought the Sun to the Earth’s northern hemisphere. In moderate climate it means spring has begun, but here in Tromsø it’s really tricky to decide what season we have. It’s warm in the Sun, but quite cold in shades, especially with some breeze from the sea. Days are getting warmer, but at night temperatures are getting below zero Celsius.

Even if you initially feel it’s warm after you get off a plane or walk out to the streets, you need to remember that weather may change very quickly. Your perfect walk around sunny city will change into wet, unpleasant experience. Wear something warm and if forecasts predict rain – something waterproof and windproof.

This is even more important outside of the city. Temperature in Tromsø may be very misleading. In the outskirts, in shady valleys temperature usually is lower. Shady areas can still be cold. When you hike, prepare yourself for cold and changing weather. Waterproof and windproof clothes are the best choice again. It’s better to wear more layers than one really thick.

Remember that when we get warmer, we start to sweat to cool ourselves down a bit. It is very effective in cold winds of the Arctic, when we really don’t need it. When you’re tired or hungry, you will also get cold much easier.

Camping in the area is a great thing, but you also need to prepare yourself properly. Winter tent, winter sleeping bag and winter sleeping mats are essentional parts of camping equipment even in April or May.

Spring here in Northern Norway is very short. And it does not mean that it is not snowing or it is not cold, especially if are used to warmer climate or you will go on a trip to the mountains. It is maybe too high temperature for down jacket, but having with you extra layer and also sweet snack or something warm to drink could be very helpful. Enjoy time spent in Tromsø observing how the nature wakes up to life.