August, first month of northern lights season <3


We all missed this moment. Even if Midnight Sun serves us brightness all the time we are waiting for the green ribbon appear on the sky. Some of call it Lady Aurora, some call them northern lights. And even if sun activity is very good it is impossible to see it in total daylight.

Days are very long. So it is perfect time to go on longer hikes and wait somewhere for the darker moment. For having more luck to see the northern lights it is worth to observe some websites or upload mobile applications about sun activity.

You can check website and upload mobile app, to check if it is possible to see some northern lights in your area. You can use it through the whole northern lights season and their forecast is very good.

Also weather forecast can help you with planning a trip. First, you can check the possibility of future rain and you will see how to prepare yourself for the hike. Then you can check where clouds will appear, so even if there is no rain predicted you may ensure yourself that lots of clouds would not make a barrier for seeing auroras. And then, in the end, you will see sunset and sunrise hours. Try: 

Good luck 🙂



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