Picking up berries in Norway – short guideline


Going for a walk nowadays is such a pleasure. Rich Norwegian nature can show you not only beautiful flowers, but also its treasure. Multe or multebær, that is how they are called there, are very delicious berries. But before you pick them you have to follow the rules and Norwegian law.

Multebær picking has a strong tradition in northern Norway and it is an important part of the traditional harvesting outdoor life. The excitement when you crawl across the valley, the joy when the orange color is revealed and the smile in the mouthwind when home-made mulberry sauce is served enrich everyone. The Outdoors Act gives everyone free access to berry picking.

But what about prohibited bans?

During the summer, FNF and the open air councils in Troms have received several inquiries from hikers who have encountered signs of “multebærplukking forbudt”. This has occurred both on exit parks as well as arrivals for boat in the island kingdom. The common denominator is that there has been no demarcation of the areas and that the ban applied to large areas with several landowners. Hikers report great uncertainty as to whether the ban applies to the ant, the valley or the whole island. The ambiguity is detrimental to the trip experience and weakens the General Court.

Special Rule Rules in the North

FNF and the outdoor councils are in contact with the respective municipalities to clarify whether the prohibited signs are prohibited. The economic significance of the multines must be clarified, and it is definitely necessary training in signage and delimitation. In Troms the main rule is that you can pick multer wherever you want. The exception is the so-called multeberland where landowners can put a ban on sanking. Multeberland is a growing area for mults where the occurrence is so significant over time that the berries have an economic significance for the landowner. The ban must be made expressive, as well as a limited area, such as an marsh. A landowner can not prohibit picking throughout his area, such as an entire island or a large area. The signage must be so clear that a hiker will not be in doubt as to where it can be picked, and you can nevertheless forbid picking mushrooms eaten on the spot.

Good luck with picking 🙂



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