The Longest Day

10379806_811168448900868_5407001991134383508_oWe have it here! It’s been already more than a month of permanent daylight here, in Tromsø. We enjoy it so much. Today the Sun was at the highest point in the sky. We are looking forward for a proper summer. Warmer, with snow on Tromsdalstinden melted finally.

There is plenty to do here in Northern Norway. You can cycle around the area. With the light all day long it is possible to travel quite far. Just be prepared for changing weather and you can enjoy great trips around Tromsø. Just beyond the bridge Kvaløya is luring with beautiful mountains and a coast full of birds. Cycle to the other direction and you can visit places on the mainland in the east. For the ones looking for a challenge mountains above Tromsdalen are a great choice. And if you don’t like climbing too much, you can take a cable car.

Tromsø welcomes you with sailing and sea angling under the midnight Sun, with plenty places to hike and camp and with the summer blooming all around. It’s very surprising how green it is here in the summer. Our Botanical Garden bursts with flowers every June. If you missed tulips blooming at your place, come here and enjoy them growing along rhododendrons and primulas. The area of the garden is scented by them.

And when you are here do not miss our local farm food. It’s still too early for fresh vegetables, but if you are coming here later in the summer, you will surely find something tasty. We claim our strawberries are the sweetest in the world. Growing under permanent daylight, they take some time to get ripe because they are not hurried with hot temperatures. This is what makes them juicy and wonderfully tasty.

You would say the day is getting shorter from now on, but not here. We enjoy one long day and we’ll have it for quite some time. Do not wait any longer, come to see the polar day as long as you can have it.


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