Where are the northern lights in April and May?

IMAG1481Did they go to the south? Do they ever appear in the sky? Why don’t we see them anymore?

Tromsø is the world’s northern lights capital. Glorious city far beyond the Arctic Circle gives everybody warm hospitality. It’s really nice to spend a relaxing day in the city after staying late in search for auroras.

But what happens now, in the end of April and beginning of May? Why is there no more lights in the sky? Why is the sky so bright?

These two questions are connected. Northern lights are quite pale phenomenon in the sky. Light pollution of the city makes observations much more difficult, so what to say about a period of the year when it’s never dark. In the end of April we can barely see the stars on the sky. This year bright planet Jupiter blinks towards us from the south. It’s getting brighter and brighter until the moment in mid May the Sun doesn’t set anymore.

Midnight Sun is caused by Earth’s tilt towards orbital plane. Our planet’s axis doesn’t stand vertically, but leans a bit (circa 22,5 degrees nowadays) towards the Sun. Because of that some areas don’t experience nights in the summer. Of course the Sun goes lower and higher during a day, but never reaches below the horizon. It’s summer and time of ecerlasting brightness. Most joyful during the year. Norwegians cherish these moments, because it lasts for a bit more than two months and then in short time dark nights return.

And in November the Sun leaves Tromsø for a while… And we have more time to admire auroras.


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