Easter in Norway – enjoy them outdoors

Staying in a hut, searching for Easter eggs and skiing in fresh nature. This is how Norwegians spend their Easter.

This what looks crazy for foreigners it may be the best time spent by people from Norway during the Easter. Whole days of skiing from hut to hut, sunbathing sitting on fresh snow, whole day snowshoe hikes on the mountains. Looks tiring, don’t you think?

All of excursions has their award. Stunning views, new experiences, full body workouts may only help your body to stay fit and healthy. Foreigners did not understand the “cottage-thing” before they went on a cabin itself. It is a place of refuge. During Easter shops are closed, so you don’t split your time on spending it in shopping malls. If you work a lot, then free time with family is extra precious.

Norwegian culture can inspire you to be closer to nature and more often unplug the TV and the internet. You can find yourself in the Norwegian Easter in spending time outdoor eating Kvikklunsj and oranges.

Tromsø Outdoor is waiting for each of you who would like to try some real Norwegian activities for the whole Easter, everyday, from 9 am until 5 pm.


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