When to travel to see northern lights in Tromsø

Northern lights season starts in September. Every moment with proper darkness it is a moment to see them.


In December, January and February during Tromsø Outdoor evening activities it is dark enough to see the northern lights, and we enjoyed displays above our heads several times during the trip. That happens when we have good weather in Tromsø and there is certain level of magnetic activity when we are out. Nevertheless during this trip our main focus is on snow adventures and we do not chase the lights.

If the weather is good (we have the clear sky) and there is an activity in the ionosphere you can see the lights in the city as well.
You need to be patient, dress warm and it is good if you take a walk to the Prestvannet – lake in the central part of the island or to Bukta – beach on the south, as those places are a bit darker so you can see the lights better. At Tromsø Outdoor you can rent equipment needed for your private northern light trip warm clothes, tripods, thermoses, reindeer hides, headlamps and more.
The biggest chance to see the lights is from 9pm till 1am but they can appear any time from 5pm till 4 am, providing it is dark enough to see them at the time of the year you are here and there is clear sky – if you can see the stars it is possible to see the auroras as well.
You can follow the earth’s magnetic field activity and sky view life camera at night and the weather forecast.

Northern lights are visible from September until mid April.


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