Spring bird watching in Tromsø


Weather in April in Troms may be different than this one which you see in front of your eyes thinking about the Spring. Both we can have heavy snowfalls, rainy days or very sunny and warm. But birds feel the Spring in fact and they are coming back here from South.

Ptarmigians change their feathers in to Spring outfit. Still you can see them totally white, while they are hiding in forests. But some of them already have some darker spots and lines of dark feathers.

On the shoreline you may see more cormorants, herons and oystercatchers. They are not very hard to see. Black cormorants usually are sitting near the bridge to Tromsdalen, on Tromsdalen side. Oyster catchers with their beautiful long legs and red beak are possible to see near beaches of southern part of the island.

It is nice of course to have some lenses to observe them, but in fact this is something not necessary. They may appear so close. You may scare them, but if you will be quiet and quite far away you can easily see them while they are feeding themselves in water.


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