Animals around Tromsø

losieWild nature around Tromsøya can be hidden from our sight, but there are also some rules which may grown possibility to see some of them.

First, you have to be patient. Second, focused on strange things. Yes, that is how exactly it goes. They appear accidentaly when you stop expecting them. Each every brown point which looks bit like a stone could be reindeer on the mountain. You may see them after a few minutes of observing, shape of reindeer and hornes would appaear from a stone. You have to focused your sight. It is quite easy to see them from a car during the day or during snowshoe hikes on the mountains. If you have a car you may take a ride to see them in Tisnes. They usually appear there.

In the very early morning or at almost dark evening you could be lucky to see a moose. They are very big, maybe bigger than you expected. This is their moment to go for feeding so they walk slowly on the meadows or in the forests. You can see them from a car driving and first, maybe you can see moving tree, and the shape of moose would appear in a moment. Their very long legs looks a bit like branches. Their fur is very dark so they can easily hide rom our sight.

There are 14 of them living on the island named Håkøya. And they sometimes appear near farms.

Of course nice lenses could be helpful to observe beauty of these animals, but sometimes they appear very near. Good luck 🙂





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