April in Tromsø


The winter season is coming to an end. Days are getting longer and on April 10 astronomical twilight shrinks to around an our between midnight and 1 am. When lucky, you still can see northern lights until then. Later during this month there will be no dark sky anymore and on May 18 we will welcome the midnight sun season. It’s a month of very long sunsets, lasting for hours, wonderful time to take pictures all day long.

„Is there anything interesting to come here for?” – you might ask. Yes, there is. Plenty, in fact. Of course depending on the weather.

Nights are getting shorter, so it will be more and more difficult to see auroras. But as the days grow longer, opportunities to hike are better. If there is still some fresh snow here, snowshoeing is a great choice. You can snowshoe on the top of the island here, just above the city. You can do it on your own or join Tromsø Outdoor afternoon snowshoe trip with a bonfire to spend some time with our guides presenting you facts about the city and nature. Great choice to snowshoe is Kvaløya, big island to the west of Tromso, you need to pass magnificent bridge just beyond the airport. Mountainous island welcomes you with broad Kjølen massif. Hiking spots are in a reach of city buses. To the other side of the island vast mainland peninsula lures with holy Sami mountain of Tromsdalstinden. Accessible by a cable car plateau area of Floya is a good spot for a walk in a short distance from the city. If you have a car, possibilities to snowshoe on Kvaløya, in the mainland or even further are countless.

April slowly brings us to the end of winter here in Tromso. The weather varies over the years. Last April was sunny and warm, but in 1997 we had history record snowfall in the end of April, 2,5 metres on the top of the island. While watching snow falling down outside our windows, we are hoping for a perfect blend of winter and early spring weather in the city. Enough to entertain everyone coming here searching for Arctic experience.


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